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We have so many rugs. If you’re having trouble deciding, or finding exactly what you’re after, feel free to contact us via our "Contact Us" page or and we would love to assist you with your choice. If the Rug you’re imagining doesn’t appear in our store, we can source almost every style available from our suppliers, so will be happy sourcing the Rug you’re after, or can assist you in choosing one from our collection.

As we are trained Stylists, we can even view a photo of your room or space to recommend what we think would look great! Please email and we will get back to you with our suggestions. 

We offer Afterpay for all of our stock, and Free Delivery for all orders over $150 (which is pretty much every Rug!). If you’re not happy with your purchase, we offer FREE returns, and will be happy to offer a full refund (see Terms & Conditions for further details).

We hope that you will enjoy our Rugs, as much as we do!